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Solution for High disk usage when opening Task Manager in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

From the very first time I encountered this, the solution I found in the Internet was to disable superfetch but as months passed by I encountered this issue again. So I finally solved this issue.

1First, left click My Computer or This PC then click Properties

1Then click Advanced system settings

1 Then click Settings

1 Go to Advanced tab then click Change

1 Uncheck the check box

1 Click the Custom size radio button and in the Initial size, enter the total RAM in your system. 1GB = 1024 so if you have 4GB of RAM then it’s 4096 because 1024x4GB = 4096.

Then in the Maximum size, multiply the value you entered by two.

After that just click OK, OK and OK. There will be a prompt that says that your computer needs to restart to get this done.

I hope I solved your problem 🙂


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